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BREAKING NEWS: Musselman Arrested on DUI Charges

Breaking news from KCRA 3 News:

Eric Musselman was arrested at 2:15 this morning and booked on DUI charges. He blew a .11 and he gets his day in court on November 20. (No games that day, towards the end of a homestand.) He's been released. The incident happened at K and 30th.

Nothing online anywhere as of yet. Mike TeSelle just broke it on the morning news.

I know last night was a nice win, Coach, but geez. Not the best thing for fans of the Kings - and fans of Coach Muss - to wake up to.

More as the story develops and my weekend plans allow. Please update in the comments if you see anything.

Update [2006-10-21 12:8:57 by TZ]: Here's the county sheriff's log, with Musselman's name a little ways down. Looks like he spent less than an hour at the station.

Update [2006-10-21 16:26:29 by TZ]: Geoff Petrie has made a statement, expressing the franchise's disappointment but not saying anything about a suspension. Sam Amick from The Bee says Musselman had two women and one man - all unidentified - in the car with him, and he cut off a driver on K, leading to the stop by an officer and the subsequent Breathalyzer test and arrest. Musselman will talk to the media Sunday morning. I expect a circus.

This was a stupid, stupid mistake by Musselman, just like it's a stupid, stupid mistake for anyone who drinks and drives. I think he deserves whatever punishment he gets, even if it means he has to be in the slammer for a weekend and miss a few games. I don't think Musselman or the team would accept this kind of behavior from the team's players, and I certainly know the league isn't going to accept this kind of behavior, so maybe a short suspension is in order. I'm not going to object to much. Drunk driving is stupid, and I think Musselman would agree with me.

This is a pretty sh*tty day for Kings fans.