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PRESEASON GAME 5/8, vs NOOCH, Open Game Thread

The game's on at 5p in Reno.

The Musselman news conference is sometime this morning.

The only new details:

  • Darrin May, the Kings' head of PR, was one of the passengers in Musselman's car. So, we had two idiots in the car - the guy who thought it was alright to drink and drive, and the guy who was responsible for said drunk driver's public image who thought it was alright for him (i.e., the drunken driver) to drink and drive.
  • Geoff Petrie said the team will not suspend, fine, or fine Musselman. The league won't do anything until Muss pleads guilty, I assume.
  • The Maloofs are pissed. I bet they hire Musselman a chauffer.
Anyways, I'm out for the day, so comment at will if anything more comes out in the news conference. Also, there's a game. I was prepared to spend the morning discussing the cuts to come, but whatever. Head coaches don't get DUIs everyday.

Um, let's go Kings!