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Roster Shakedown

Here's a quick roster shakedown. Coach Musselman said one cut is coming today. At least one more, and possibly up to three more, will come in the next week.

Mike Bibby
Kevin Martin
John Salmons
Quincy Douby
Ron Artest
Francisco Garcia
Kenny Thomas
Shareef Abdur-Rahim
Brad Miller

If any of those guys get cut, I'll eat my hat.

Ronnie Price
Corliss Williamson
Maurice Taylor

If any of those guys get cut, I'd probably double-take and do an impersonation of Kyle's mom from South Park.

Jason Hart
Louis Amundson
Loren Woods
Vitaly Potapenko
Justin Willams

Seriously, who the hell knows?

I think either Williams or Potapenko will get today's ax. (Or perhaps "axe." It's hard to say. Musselman is probably too small to wield an "axe." But an "ax" doesn't seem his style. Jack Del Rio used a "hatchet," right? And he was a linebacker. So "ax" is probably about right.) The whole Loren Woods situation has blown my friggin mind, so who knows. (Although, I'm hearing he's absolutely safe. But no minutes in three games? Erm...) Amundson is passionate enough to stay around to the bitter end, and might have the inside track over all the other question marks. Hart also seems destined to stick it out. My money's on Williams. Sad, sort of.