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Crap, crap, crap, crap. Mike Bibby out 3 weeks with busted thumb.

That jammed thumb Mike Bibby suffered in the third quarter of last night's exhibition match? It'll keep him out for at least the first two weeks of the regular season.

(In another unrelated semi-stunner, Loren Woods [!] was the Monday cut. What the hell happened there?)

The biggest question with Bibby out for a bit: where's the scoring going to come from? Yeah, if Ronnie Price gets the starting nod next week (!), he can probably play well enough against Marko Jaric, Maurice Williams, and maybe even Kirk Hinrich. But, um... by all standards, Price is a glorified rookie that played his college ball at Utah Valley State and couldn't slide in front of Jason Hart last season.

Here are the Kings' options:

  1. Start Price. Hope to the lord Ron Artest, Kevin Martin, and Brad Miller can score like hell.
  2. Start Hart. Hope to the lord Ron Artest, Kevin Martin, and Brad Miller can score like hell.
  3. Start John Salmons or Francisco Garcia at point guard. Play Price liberally. This would be nice to ease Price's butterflies while causing a fair bit of matchup angst for the other team.
  4. Start both power forwards (Kenny Thomas, Shareef Abdur-Rahim) and let Artest play the point. Of course, we couldn't guard the 2004-05 Atlanta Hawks with this lineup. Mo Williams would score 50. We'd essentially be running out four power forwards and a tall shooting guard.
This could really, really, really suck. Bibby is the offensive leader of this team, and he's irreplaceable at this point. God-f*ckin-speed. Please.