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PRESEASON GAME 7/8: at Seattle, Open Game Thread

Ding dong, preseason's almost dead!

I haven't heard yet, but I'm guessing Ronnie Price is going to get a start tonight or Friday. He played in last night's loss, and John Salmons was something less than sharp with the first team.

It's impossible to replicate Mike Bibby on the team, but Price is closer in style than Salmons is. It'd be interesting to see how the offense flows with a Bibby-like gunner instead of a Salmonsesque playmaker.

Don't underestimate the impact of "Miller: DNP (finger)", either. Historically, Miller has been the most important King, in terms of wins and losses. (The team tends to be much worse when Miller doesn't play. He's had the team's best +/- figure for each of the past three seasons.) If Miller comes back tonight or Friday, I think we'll see the offense improve dramatically. He stretches the opposing defense like no other center in the game, and he's a hell of a passer.

It's a 7p start on Comcast, once again. And yes, this damn preseason is almost graciously gone.