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A Moment of Preseason Zen

I had no expectations for the preseason. I really did set myself up for nothing, so everything was a bonus. We all know records don't matter, but the performances do. Seeing Peja Stojakovic and Mike Bibby struggle to shoot the ball definitely gave us some hints as to how the early part of the year would go.

Here's what I think I learned this preseason:

  • Corliss Williamson had the salad fork surgically removed this offseason, and he might have a follow-up appointment at the Juvenation Clinic later this month.
  • Ronnie Price is an NBA player. In fact, he might even become a "good" NBA player.
  • Ron Artest is a jump shooter. Still.
  • Francisco Garcia is the second-best defender on the team. He could possibly become Gerald Wallace-lite.
  • Eric Musselman is not perfect.
  • Loren Woods is not the answer. (Or if he is, we'll never know.)
  • Brad Miller did not magically turn into Bill Russell after hanging with Team USA.
  • Francisco Garcia is not a dependable shooter at this point.
  • Mike Bibby is a dependable shooter, though the thumb injury could change that.
  • Jason Hart is not a favorite player of Musselman's.
  • Vitaly Potapenko is the antithesis of athletic.
  • Quincy Douby will probably not challenge for the Rookie of the Year award.
  • Kenny Thomas is not better than Shareef Abdur-Rahim.
  • Shareef Abdur-Rahim is not athletic as he once was.
  • This team will probably not win 82 games, nor will it lose 82 games.
I bet there's more, but everything else must be trapped in my subconscious. There's one last preseason game tonight, and I hope to God I'm not surprised by anything that happens (because I doubt there will be a surprising positive development in the final preseason game).