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Training Camp Begins

Not much coverage out of Media Day. But The Bee has Eric Musselman saying Kevin Martin, John Salmons, and Francisco Garcia will all compete for the starting shooting guard spot.

I think this is for show - Martin is more talented than Salmons and more mature as a player than Garcia. It's interesting to note that Salmons isn't being talked about as a point guard option, which I clearly think he is. Musselman has been propping up Quincy Douby's point guard skills lately, though.

Ron Artest also mentions in Joe Davidson's notes column that Brad Miller looks a lot stronger than last season. That's a very good thing, if true. We've all heard how much lighter, and assumedly quicker, Mike Bibby is this time around. No word if Kenny Thomas fixed the awful hitch in his shot. (I'd heard he was planning on working with a coach on that after his August honeymoon. Congrats, by the way, K9.)

We assume Shareef Abdur-Rahim has his steel cable arms back after the broken jaw left him waifish late last season. We assume Vitaly Potapenko is still large, and that Corliss Williamson still wants to get more minutes. Jason Hart is apparently still in town, as is Ronnie Price. No word on how Loren Woods looks.

There are tons of questions going into this season, and most of those won't be answered in the preseason. Some of them could be answered in November, and some by Christmas. But a large part of Sacramento's shrouded identity won't be revealed until March, April, May, June. Situations will have to develop for answers to come. So we have to be especially patient.

What do you think is the biggest question for the Kings this season?