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Bonzi Speaks

Bonzi Wells talks to the Houston Chronicle's Terrance Harris:

"It was there," he said about the money. "I just decided to come here. It was all on me.

"I could have got a whole lot of money anywhere. You might have read the wrong stuff, but the money was always out there. I just want to be in a good situation where I can go for a championship. With Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming being as young as they are, I think it's going to be great for the future."

You hear that, Ron-Ron? Bonzi says TMac and Yao are better than you. He says he thinks they will win a championship before the Kings will. He left $40 million on the table because he believes in TMac and Yao that much more than you and Mike and Brad and Reef and Kevin. Can you believe that sh*t?

I really can't wait for January 27.