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More on the Leaner, Meaner, Mike Bibby

Backing TZ's note from this morning, Monday was Media Day for the Kings, and while some reports are focused on those things that this year's team lacks, including Rick Adelman and some guy named Bonzi (who?), there were some mini-news nuggets, including more reports that Mike Bibby has hit the gym hard, and will start the season off with a playing weight of 190, down a full 20 pounds from last year.

The point guard said he is at his college weight of 190 pounds and he feels quicker on both ends of the floor after shedding almost 20 pounds. Musselman said he saw Bibby working out at Gold's Gym almost every day during the summer, so he knows the 28-year-old is in prime physical condition.

What I like about this is that we now have two points converging in space: Mike Bibby's playing weight, and my "watching on the couch" weight, slowly increasing to meet our steady guard...

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