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Buy Ron Artest's "My World" On iTunes Now

The following is not a paid avertisement or endorsement of the following product, and does not indicate said endorsement by Sactown Royalty owners, management, or that of SportsBlogs Nation. That said - go buy it now.

Buy Ron Artest's new CD, "My World" on iTunes now. For less than ten bones ($9.90), you can download some fresh tracks to your PC or Mac and be the envy of all your friends.

As the Sacramento Bee wrote this morning (Add Rap to Ron Artest's Rep), Artest's new album reaches out to everyone, with a wide variety of musical angles and thoughtful subject matter. Artest says:

"I hope everyone finds songs they can relate to," said Artest before a performance Monday night at Fandango's nightclub in Rancho Cordova. "I have party songs, club songs, songs where I address social issues. I focused on keeping the music on the album versatile so all the songs have a different sound, and I touch on several topics. I hope everyone enjoys it."

Although previous Sacramento Kings players haven't fared well at the record store (record store?), including the esteemed Mr. Webber, who sold a grand total of 7,400 copies of his album, "2 Much Drama", Artest's new album is anticipated to be different. Given the wide variety on the album, as noted above, there's no reason why it can't be a grand success.

So buy it now on iTunes. Save money. Save a trip to the record store, or whatever they call those monolithic music-themed warehouses these days. Just promise us you won't come back after having listened to the album and tell us "it needs more cowbell"...