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So, Ron-Ron is Showing Up Tonight, Right?

I don't know how much fun Ron Artest had last night, with his album release and all.

But judging by this video clip from, I'm guessing it was not a boring night.

This also seems like a good time to mention the newest addition to our Sactown Specials, which is The Ron Artest Quote File. It's somewhat bare at this point, so please send in or post your favoritest Ron-Ron nuggets so we can add them. You can always find the link to The Quote File up in the top block on the right sidebar, along with the calendar, the stats database, and the others.

Update [2006-11-1 16:9:17 by TZ]: Ron-Ron did make it to Minnesota, and he spent the afternoon promoting the album. And, um, posing with TWolves paraphenalia. Hrm.