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Bibby Reaggravates Wrist, Might Miss Wednesday's Game

What did we fear when Mike Bibby decided to start Game 1 of the season after being told he'd have to sit the first two weeks? That it'd become a lingering issue, popping up throughout the season.

That first pop-up is here, as Bibby tweaked his injured wrist in practice and might have to sit out Wednesday's game against Memphis, according to Sam Amick in the Sacramento Bee.

If there's any game where -Bibby might be okay, it's at home against the Grizzlies. Memphis might be the worst team in the league right now (battling with Boston and Charlotte) and the team's point guard situation is a disaster on wheels. (Damon Stoudemire and Chucky Atkins - the team's two ones - are a combined 55 years old. Yeah.)

Honestly, I doubt Bibby will sit. And I'm not sure how much the one day of rest will help, considering the Kings play at Golden State on Thursday. And for those of you keeping track, both are nationally-televised games.

Something tells me Bibby - who hates sitting anyways - won't miss two opportunities to light it up on TV sets across the country on the cusp of a possible new fat contract.