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Is Kevin Martin Over His Head?

So, is Kevin Martin playing over his head?

Here are the facts:

Year   2FG%   3FG%   Jump%   FTR   eFG   TS%   P/40
2007   .619   .348   .567     48  .593  .679   24.9
2006   .534   .369   .489     34  .540  .604   16.3

Well, he's shooting better from everywhere but three-point range, including an incredible 16 percent better on jumpers. He's getting to the line far more regularly. And he's obviously shooting more often, as his points-per-40-minutes has shot up.

The kid is incredibly confident right now. I think we'll likely see some of this incredible shooting marks slip a bit, and the foul-drawing might dip as well.

But it's not like these numbers are coming out of nowhere (as they did last season). He's a young guy (this is his age 23 season), and some improvement is expected. Whether this improvement is real or the creation of a sample size will be determined in the next few months.