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GAME #7 - vs Memphis

The Kings, if they are to be taken seriously, should beat up on Memphis tonight.

Memphis is a not-bad defensive team, and a god-awful offensive team. The Kings (thus far, knock on wood, blah blah) are a great defensive team, and a bad offensive team. The Kings play slightly up-tempo, whereas the Grizz play croque-monsieur slow.

Low-scoring affair on the way, in other words.

In the interest of keeping this fairly short, I'll be away from the site from tonight until Monday night. (Yay vacation!) Louismg will be here to run the show, and we're going to also count on some good diaries to promote to the front page. I won't actually get to watch the Thursday and Sunday games until next week, so it'd be great to be able to click over to SR Tuesday morning and get a sense of what to look for. And you guys are going to watch the game anyways, right?

Let's go Kings!