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Kings Declaw the Grizzlies, 115-111

It's not that often I get the opportunity to see the world-famous Sacramento Kings on television, so tonight's game was a real treat.

The match was made even better by seeing the Kings rain threes on the Grizzlies, seeing Ron Artest defy a near-death experience in the first row and a Terrell Owens-like stationary bike riding hobby to score 19 points, to see Kevin Martin shoot threes like the second coming of Ray Allen, and see Mike "my wrist doesn't hurt, much" Bibby score a season-high 32.

You have to give the Grizzlies a little credit for playing hard in tonight's game. Where some expected the perennial basement-dwellers (not to mean that they still live with Mom, but that instead, they lose often) to go down easily in a defensive-minded game, they played Chucky Atkins' hot hand as he came off a scoreless first half to score 24 in a losing cause. Yet, when the final score came in, the Grizzlies had lost their 17th in a row at Arco Arena, the very arena that's gotten so much bad press of late (more on that later).

Lost in the shuffle of Bibby going for 30-plus, Artest's death-defying antics and Kevin Martin being appearing invincible? The world's favorite "undersized center", Shareef Abdur-Rahim, who overcame the 20 millionth reference to him being Muslim and following Ramadan to score a double double with 21 points and 13 boards. Shareef... why couldn't you have played at Cal longer, and lowered your draft value so that the Kings could have drafted you? Why did you have to throw the first part of your career away? Northern California is where you belong, bud.

Awesome job Kings. Way to rise to the level needed to pull out the win. The team is 5-2 on this early season. Given that we all weren't sure if Bibby would play this first month, I think we're all ecstatic about where the team is now.

See you all again tomorrow for the match against Golden State at 7:30 p.m. Pacific, barring being forced into manual labor here in Tampa. Ever try to help Teamsters move half-ton equipment and take down a 20x20 booth? I'll be here as soon as I can. Worst case, we open the game thread early...