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Run 'N' Gun At the Oracle Ends Kings Streak

Tonight's game can be looked at with two entirely different viewpoints:

  1. The Kings fell behind early, were outrun by an aggressive Warriors squad, and lost in an old fashioned tail-whipping.
  2. The Kings stumbled out of the gate, but matched the Warriors the rest of the way.
Surprisingly both are true. While we wept and wailed and gnashed our teeth after watching Golden State post 40 in the first quarter, on the back of 70+% shooting and 11 assists from Baron Davis, the Kings actually matched the Warriors point for point in each of the successive quarters, turning a 40-28 first quarter deficit into an eventual 115-103 loss. Just check out this screen grab from Yahoo! Sports.

In just fifteen minutes of play, the Warriors exposed the Kings tonight, and made them look like a team that won't be challenging for the playoffs, if Sir Charles is to be believed. While Kevin Martin was his usual outstanding self, posting 26, supported by 20 from Ron "Tru Warrior" Artest, the supporting cast didn't get it together. Mike Bibby followed an unreal 32 with a more human 13, bringing more comments that his wrist is giving him trouble.

And Kenny Thomas made us all wonder what he's doing in with an NBA jersey on. The guy can drop a double-double one day, and show us he's reverted back to a 0 points, 6 turnovers non-factor. There's no telling what we can expect night after night.

But enough about the Kings. They lost, and their record slips to 5-3, while the Warriors leapfrog them with a record of 6-3. Our neighbors to the West were led by Davis' brilliant night, as he powered his way to 36 points to add to his 18 assists. And my saying the Kings had six men in double figures to the Warriors' five is small consolation. But who really had the best night? That has to go to Golden State of Mind's Fantasy Junkie, who correctly anticipated the game would be a run-n-gun, fast paced Warriors win. His 123-109 prediction came eerily close to the final tally as well. So... while we adjust our standings and knock the Kings down a peg, we salute you, Fantasy Junkie, and ready our team for a Sunday thriller against the Satan San Antonio Spurs.