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Game #9: vs. San Antonio Spurs

Tonight, after licking their wounds from Thursday's defeat at the hands of the Golden State Warriors, your Sacramento Kings return home to the friendly confines of Arco Arena to take on a not-so-friendly opponent, the Southwest Division leading San Antonio Spurs.

As with Thursday night, one streak is set to come to an end tonight, as the Spurs come to Arco with a 4-0 road record, while the Kings are similarly undefeated at home, with a 4-0 mark. Somebody moves on with a 5-0 record and serious momentum, while the other leaves with a 4-1 blemish, worrying about the one that got away. With any luck, the Kings could ride the news of good fortune that Stern and Co. are to help them stay in the Sacramento Area, and just maybe the fans can give them the sixth man presence ready to do battle with those all-too familiar names: Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili, who have been featured in way too many playoff games and ESPN highlights.

The Kings' recent record against the Spurs isn't great. They lost the last regular season matchup in May by a 103-85 mark, and as we all know, were eliminated from the first round of last year's playoffs, 4 games to 2.

If the Kings are to win tonight, they need to show a more aggressive defensive attack than we saw against both the Warriors and in their win against the Grizzlies. Giving up 110+ points to the Spurs is just begging for a loss. The team also needs to hold on to the ball and reduce turnovers, as they've been among the lead leaders in that category in this short season.

With all that said, it takes four quarters to crown a victor. Tipoff is at 6 p.m. tonight at Arco. Kevin Martin, Mike Bibby, Artest, Shareef and crew will be working hard to put the Spurs down.

Go Kings!