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Climbing the Ladder

Mike Kurylo of Knickerblogger fame has a team rating system called OTTER. It's explained here. Today, his most recent rankings came out. The Kings are #9.

We have short memories a lot of the time when it comes to sports. Everything is the greatest ever as soon as it happens - plays, players, games. We're all guilty of it. Just last week, I suggested RONNIE PRICE!'s dunk on Carlos Boozer was the dunk of the century. Obviously, that isn't the case. (It was pretty, though.) Sports is about poignant moments, and we understandably get caught up in them.

But it's healthy to look back every once in a while. Like to last November. The only rankings we'd sit in the top 10 of then was "biggest disappointment," "most listless and unexciting team," and "timebomb most likely to explode."

One year ago, this team was 6-7. This year, the Kings are 7-5. Is that a huge difference? Not at all. This team may look a lot better than the 2006 version, and the record may be somewhat improved, but the bottom ain't out of sight yet. Remember December, when the Kings went 5-9. And don't forget January, when the Kings won only seven of 16 games.

2006's early season debacle has nothing to do with this team - true. But last year shows things can change in a moment's notice. Before horns are blown and those pundits who wrote Sacramento off in October are told off, let's see what the winter offers.

Nothing is decided, not how good this team is nor how bad it could end up. So let's enjoy the games and ignore the record until we're really talking about playoff positioning.