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Quick Notes on the Pacific Division

TZ is the NBA knowledge king, so I'll leave that realm to him, but being more stats-oriented myself, I found it notable that, once again, every team in the Pacific Division has a .500 record or better, now that the Suns have escaped whatever early-season challenges they had. Phoenix has surged into the #4 spot in the division with a 4-game win streak, passing the Clippers, who themselves have gone the other direction with a 4-game losing skid.

At one point, the Suns were 1-5, and the team has rebounded, going 6-1 since. In case you missed it, Raja Bell had 30 points, including 7 3-pointers in the team's win over Portland Sunday night. Meanwhile, down in LA, we see a disturbance in the force. It looks like Kobe Bryant may have learned how to share the ball - dishing out 10 assists in a win over the Nets. In fact, he wasn't even the team's leading scorer Sunday night. If this is a long-term trend, the Lakers' early 9-4 record might be no fluke.

While we as fans may threaten to slash our wrists when the Kings seemingly let us down (see: last week's game vs. the Jazz), or be beyond jubilation when the team brings the hammer down (see wins vs. Seattle and Portland), it is an 82-game season, and we're just barely 1/7th of the way through. There's a lot of season to be played, and it doesn't look like our opponents in the division intend to make it all too easy for our crew.

That said... I like our chances. Go Kings!