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Your Daily Kevin Martin Adulation Thread

I should just make it a running feature, right? Obviously with the gaudy numbers he's putting up out-of-nowhere for non-Sacramento fans, he's getting tons of attention around the league. Even the venerable Rick Cipes at the Los Angeles Times' Clips Blog is calling the Kings Martin's team. Lofty praise, considering #10, #93, and #7. (You all know who I'm talking about.)

Cipes also mentions that Martin may be a shoe-in for Most Improved Player. The other challenger I'm hearing bandied about is Golden State's Monta Ellis (who is a phenomenal talent - maybe the best young piece Don Nelson has there, along with Andris Biedrins).

Let's compare the current state of the race. First, Kevin:

YEAR    PPG   RPG   APG   MPG   FG%    3%   PER
2006   10.8   3.6   1.3  26.5  .480  .369  14.8
2007   24.9   5.1   2.2  38.1  .545  .490  27.0
CHNG  +14.1  +1.5  +0.9 +11.6 +.065 +.139 +12.2

Damn, it looks even more ridiculous when you lay it out.

Here's Mr. Ellis:

YEAR    PPG   RPG   APG   MPG   FG%    3%   PER
2006    6.8   2.1   1.6  18.1  .415  .341  11.1
2007   17.7   2.9   4.4  33.9  .469  .297  15.9
CHNG  +10.9  +0.8  +2.8 +15.8 +.054 -.044  +4.8

Great improvements, no doubt. But it's no contest, right? Ellis got a bigger increase in minutes, and Martin still shows bigger increases in every category but assists. And with PER becoming a more mainstream stat thanks to its founder's place at ESPN, that jump (which will likely diminish somewhat as the season wears on) in Kevin's PER is impossible to ignore.

As of today, Kevin Martin is the league's Most Improved Player. No contest.