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These Ejections Might Be Getting Out of Hand...

So, Rasheed Wallace got ejected Wednesday. So did Maurice Taylor and Mike Bibby. Then, Carmelo Anthony gets booted in the third quarter last night.

This might be getting out of hand. I understand the concept of cracking down on the whining - Carl Gauss couldn't count many times I wanted to jump through the set and tell Shareef, Brad Miller, and Bonzi Wells to shut up and play.

And this method will obviously work - Melo isn't going to risk something like this again, and I assume Bibby will keep it to himself at crunch time from now on. The game will be better off for it, and Stern will again look like a genius.

But Sheed? He's screwed. There's no way he doesn't get ejected a dozen more times.

Thus, Need4Sheed is trying to save the guy by petitioning Stern to calm the hell down on this rule.

Also, Bibby is appealing his ejection, assumedly to get his $3,000 fine back and to make sure this doesn't count in the cumulative penalties. I have no doubt Stern and company will first guffaw before rejecting Bibby's appeal, which is based on the fact that Kevin Garnett was jawing at the refs way more than Bibby was.