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So, the arena measures are almost certainly going to fail. (For fun: take the poll on the right and guess how badly Measure R, the tax measure, will fail.)

What next, then?

It's inconceivable that any current Sacramento area politician will gear up for another round of negotiations with the Maloofs brothers, who haven't exactly done their damnedest to make this work. The arena topic was toxic before - look at where Heather Fargo's at. Now? Are you kidding me? It's unlikely Abraham Lincoln could survive this incredible ruination with any credibility left.

So, what can the Maloofs do if City Hall and the Board of Supervisors aren't coming to the table? They've made rather clear they aren't willing to build it themselves, and something tells me recent events haven't changed their mind.

Unless a rockstar politician floats up the Delta in a Viking ship or Joe Serna himself descends from Heaven, the Maloofs have little room to maneuver in Sacramento.

I'm not being shrill for the sake of raining cicadas and hellfire on our psyches. Seriously, you tell me another scenario in which the Kings don't move after this episode. Seriously.