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The Kevin Martin Experience. Enjoy it.

Holy god. How can such an ugly game end so beautifully?

Kevin Martin - 30 points on 15 shots. One of those shots was slightly more important than the others. Incredibly clutch shot, and a great play by Mike Bibby to set him up.

Ron Artest turned another conflicting performance - 22 points, 13 rebounds (!), 4 assists. But, um, he missed almost as many shots (13) as Martin took (15). And most of those - the misses - were perimeter shots. He made nearly all of the inside shots taken off drives and post-ups. Which would lead one to suggest Artest, um, drive and post up.

Bibby himself had a strange game - 23 points and 9 big assists. But 11 turnovers? UGH. Bibby was the one reliable ballhandler Wednesday, but he was making awful decisions with the ball much of Friday. Please, clean that up.

Pre-game predictions held true - this was a defensive battle. The Kings forced tons of turnovers again, and only Luol Deng (!) went off. Especially in those last few minutes, the defensive screws really tightened. (How about icy bench boys Francisco Garcia and Ronnie Price causing the two game-clinching turnovers?)

The Kings offense is incredibly broken, and the team can't possibly win many games like this. Milwaukee, thankfully, is a much lesser defensive team than Sacramento's first two opponents. So perhaps that will set things in the right direction.

I'm not going to complain about a win like that, though.

Oh, and, thank you Chris Duhon. We appreciate it.