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Luke Schenscher?

An Australian newspaper has word the Kings are interested in signing Luke Schenscher.

Schenscher, a second-year guy from Georgia Tech, was the last man cut from Sacramento's 2005-06 training camp. He floated in the NBDL and eventually got picked up by Chicago. He played less than 150 minutes.

I have no idea why the Kings would bring a replacement-level player like Schenscher in, unless they're getting ready to cut Maurice Taylor or Vitaly Potapenko and they need insurance. If Taylor gets cut, good riddance - he's not in shape and he no longer does anything well. Releasing Potapenko wouldn't make sense before trying to trade him (an expiring contract) for a draft pick as the trade deadline gets closer.

If they do cut Taylor - possibly saving some money, though I'm not sure of the specifics of his contract - that makes the release of Justin Williams, whose upside is 10 times that of Schenscher, all the more questionable.