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A Reminder To Those Worried About the Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are currently 9-7. After home wins agaist Utah and San Antonio (and despite a really bad home loss at the hands of Indiana last night), many Dubs fans are crowing about the drought being over.

Through 16 games last season, the Warriors were 10-6. Last season at this point, they had played 7 road games and 9 home contests.

This season, they have played 4 road games and 12 home games. If they're serious about making the playoffs, they should have a better record than 9-7 after that stretch.

Seven Western Conference teams have a better home record than the Warriors do so far, including every team in the Pacific.

The Warriors have played more home games than any other team in the West, yet they sit at 9th in the conference. Only the Lakers have played so many as 10 home games so far. The Clippers, Kings, and Phoenix have all played eight.

Not to rain on parades - I admire GSW fans' passion and excitability. But, yeah, don't print those playoff tickets just yet, okay?