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Two ways of looking at the three-game road trip:

  1. Hey, were it not for too really bad quarters (the 4th in Minnesota, the 3rd in Milwaukee), this team would be 3-0!
  2. Hey, were it not for two really good minutes in Chicago, this team would be 0-3!
I tend to look at it the latter way. Horrible offense in two games, with average offense and awful defense in the third. Yes, Milwaukee may end up being a superb offensive team this year (especially when Charlie Villanueva is on - he's almost unguardable when he's shooting like that). But a few stops from the starters minus Brad Miller shouldn't be too much to ask, right?

The offense is obviously going to take some time. This is when Mike Bibby needs to say, "Hey, I'm going to score and I'm going to get the ball to other players in places where they can score." If he's an All-Star - and I think he is - he should be able to carry a team's offense while the system falls into place.

And the rotation is obviously a work in progress. Francisco Garcia has done nothing in his brief minutes to warrant being Superglue'd to the pine, and I hope the staff recognizes that and finds a place for him a bit earlier in games. John Salmons had his breakout of sorts, but he needs to find a way to perform with fellow bench players and not just when paired with other starters.

And Miller hasn't performed very well at all thus far. But every Kings fan knows we need him at full health to stay above sea level this season. I pray this foot injury goes away very, very quickly.