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For Posterity

Here are the results of the Sactown Royalty poll on how bad the tax measure (Measure R) will do, as of 8a this morning:

How bad will the sales tax measure do?
Lose by < 5       3 %  
Lose by 5-10      7 %  
Lose by 10-20    25 %  
Lose by 20-40    44 %  
Lose by 40%+     18 %

For the record, I voted for "lose by 40%+". If I had to guess the results, I'd say 22-78. Yeah, it's bad.

Measure Q - which might end up being a bette representation of public sentiment because it's a nonbinding sort-of 'yea or nay' on the arena type question - might get to 42-58.

Last minute predictions, anyone?