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Arena: Election Results, Open Thread

If, like me, you can't resist watching a train wreck, allow this to be your place to discuss said train wreck.

(I won't lie: I'll mostly be following national implications, the Pombo and Doolittle races, and a few of the budget-by-ballot-box initiatives. I won't change the channel when the "announcement" is made regarding the future of the arena effort.)

Polls close at 8 pm. Results will trickle out from there.

UPDATE #1, 8:17p: No results out of Sacramento County yet. This is the page to watch for supposedly real-time returns.

UPDATE #2, 8:22p: Wow. Even I underestimated how bad Measure R would do: it trails 19% to 81% - an unreal 62% margin with nearly half the vote counted. I thought I was reaching with my 22-78 prediction. U-G-L-Y. Also, Measure Q (the generic, nonbinding "do you want to fund the arena and other things" question) is losing 27-73. You would be very hard-pressed to find a worse electoral performance anywhere.

UPDATE #3, Wed a.m.: As Chris the Greek notes in the comments, the big announcement was that the non-Maloof proponents will create a 401(c) and try to get something new on the ballot. This Sacramento Bee story suggests the newest hang-ups between this group and the Maloofs are Natomas vs. downtown and whether 2008 is too late. We'll have more later.