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Jon Barry is Not Your Yes Man

I watched the ESPN feed of the game. Typically, I would not do this in given a choice. No matter my feelings on Grant Napear, I prefer to watch announcers who know more about my favorite team than less. And for the most part, Napear knows exactly what we want to know (with regards to injuries, what Musselman is yelling about, etc.).

But I couldn't turn down my first full Jon Barry-Bill Walton experience. And I am very glad I didn't.

Barry (one of my favorite Kings while he was here) was at times very funny, even if he was just saying "What?!" after Walton said something silly.

Barry was at his best when he was discussing the players on the court because, well, he's played with most of them. He had some nice insights on Corliss Williamson and Rasheed Wallace in particular.

I, for one, welcome our new TV overlords. (Though ESPN desparately needs a Kevin Harlan/Marv Albert type. Mike Tirico sucks the excitement right out of a game.)