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The Orange Roundie Does Not Belong to Scoop Jackson

I don't read Scoop Jackson. It's meritocratic decision. I don't like his writing.

But if you do read Scoop on ESPN's Page 2, well then you should probably know his latest column (which I'm not going to link to, on principle), is a complete theft from one of the top basketblogs. Concept, terminology - everything but the execution, which Scoop botches per usual.

YAYsports! invented the "Orange Roundie" moniker for the new ball, and has been running with it since May. He's spent post after post yukking it up and creating a character. And in one fell swoop, Scoop F. Jackson gobbles it up and regurgitates it for ESPN. A blog I'd never seen before,, has a tremendous run-down of YAY's Orange Roundie and Scoop's butchering of it.

What's worse? Despite using the name "Orange Roundie" in the story's deck head on the ESPN Page 2 front page, and despite admitting in the column that another website came up with the name and the character, Scoop never once mentions YAY or gives a link. It's worse than bush league.

If that isn't bad enough - that one of YAY's big running gags is now ruined with nothing to show for it - YAY blogger Brian says the "Orange Roundie" character was central to his in-production independent short comedy/thriller called Who Shot Mamba?. Brian says in an e-mail that Who Shot Mamba? is now ruined. I hope that's not the case, because Brian is an incredibly funny guy and I'd hate him not to finish the film.

Like I said, I don't read Scoop (and I suspect many of you don't, either). Calling for a boycott would be silly, because I doubt the suits at the Worldwide Leader would ever notice.

What we can do, though? We can Googlebomb Scoop Jackson's name so it points to, what else, YAY's Who Shot Mamba? FAQ. It might not make a huge difference, but can you imagine if it got onto the first page of Google results for Scoop Jackson? That'd be pretty awesome - for YAY, not for Scoop Jackson.

To get this to work, as many bloggers and commenters as possible need to link post the ESPN douche's name with the link

embedded. Let's help Brian out - turn this anger into some free publicity for his project.

Googlebombing isn't enhanced by doing it a million times on one site - the key is to get it posted once or twice to as many sites with decent Google PageRank's as possible. And also, it'd help not to link to anything else solely using the douche's name. If you want to link to the douche's columns, do so with something like "Douchebag Extraordinaire and Noted Thief of Intellectual Property Scoop Jackson," or something.