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The Kings Want to Dance

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The big news, other than the snapping of the pesky five-game losing streak, would be that the Kings are factors in the Allen Iverson dicussions.

On Iverson himself in Sacramento, here are three big reasons it won't happen:

  1. Ron Artest. He didn't sound too enthusiastic about bringing The Answer to Sactown, telling Sam Amick, "We had a nice little (run) last year. Had a chance to win a lot of games, do a lot of damage, and just need to build on that this year." If he's having a problem with not getting enough shots with Mike Bibby and Kevin Martin on his team...
  2. John Salmons. Salmons escaped Iverson this summer. After the investment Geoff Petrie put into Salmons, it'd be ridiculous to put him in a bad situation.
  3. Kevin Martin. Young scoring shooting guards don't exactly blossom around Iverson, do they? Petrie and the Maloofs know how important Martin's continued growth is, and they won't risk that.
Fear not though, friends. There is good to come from the Kings entrance into the foray. Like...

Mike Bibby and Kenny Thomas to Philadelphia, AI to Denver, and Marcus Camby and Andre Miller to Sacramento? Tell me you wouldn't pull the trigger, even if it makes the Nuggets locks for the playoffs. Miller's $8.6 million deal expires this year. Camby is locked up at around $8 million a year until 2010. Your three bigs rotation that currently is Brad Miller/Shareef Abdur-Rahim/Kenny Thomas is now Miller/Camby/Abdur-Rahim. Miller hasn't been a power forward for a couple years, but he had his best months in Sacramento at that position. Adding Camby instantly juvenates the defense as the team builds around one of the best perimeter defenders in the game (Artest) and one of the best shotblockers/rebounders in the game (Camby). Andre Miller isn't a world-beater, but he is the most durable point guard on the planet (80+ games in all 7 seasons) and takes fewer shots than Bibby. And while Bibby's contract situation is a question mark, Miller comes off the books for sure this summer. If it works, resign him. If not, c'est la vie! Let this deal happen, je vous en prie.