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Petrie Loves Big Trades

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Need I remind anyone as we go into what will be an insane day of Iverson trade talks...

February 23, 2005: Chris Webber, Matt Barnes, and Michael Bradley traded to Philadelphia for Corliss Williamson, Kenny Thomas, and Brian Skinner.

January 25, 2006: Peja Stojakovic traded to Indiana for Ron Artest.

December 2006??? The name Mike Bibby would look awfully clean in that space, wouldn't it?

No one shakes up a season quite like Geoff Petrie. The Kings aren't as bad as they were last January or as salary-locked as they were in 2005. But rarely does a frisky general manager like Petrie get an opportunity to shuffle the cards early in the season like this.

It reminds me of Billy Beane wedging himself into the Carlos Beltran sweepstakes a few seasons ago, which netted the A's Octavio Dotel. Petrie just finds a way to get into these trade talks.