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Joe Maloof is Talking Positively About Iverson

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Oh, crap.

Joe Maloof thinks it would be a match made in heaven.

Maloof, owner of the Sacramento Kings, told me today that he would have no fear whatsoever of putting the volatile Ron Artest and the volatile Allen Iverson together as teammates.

"Absolutely not," Maloof said in a telephone conversation. "I think they would be fabulous together because they both have the same personalities. They both want to win. They're both warriors. And they both bring it in every game. When you get guys like that together, there's no telling what can happen."

Maloof did not say the Kings were definitely out to trade for Iverson. He said team president Geoff Petrie was handling all trade talks, and would be the one to determine whether Sacramento becomes a major player in the A.I. Sweepstakes.

However, Maloof said Petrie told him a few days ago that the Kings were "in the mix" for Iverson.

I'm worried. AI is about to be a King. Chris Broussard, who just got back from visiting Europe, has the scoop.

Deja frickin' vu.

(From a rocking photoshop'r at Kingstalk.)