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Please, Don't Trade Kevin Martin

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All the latest rumors say Philadelphia wants Bibby, Garcia and Kevin Martin.

To that I say, on behalf of Kings fans everyone, f*ck you Philadelphia.

Just as Iverson thinks he's a much better shooter than he is, and just as webber thinks he's a much more important player than he is, Billy King must have delusions of his own aptitude at wheeling and dealing if he honestly came to Geoff Petrie and proposed that ludicrous trade.

Martin is a young, cheap rising star. Iverson is an aging, expensive past-his-peak star. Hmm...

Winning now is important. Entertainment is important. Having an identity is important.

Mortgaging the future - your one young star - is silly for a team that sits just under .500. Yes, get Iverson if you can without giving up Martin. I mean, Iverson + Artest + Martin + Shareef would essentially constitute a pickup team, and it'd probably be fun as hell to watch. But giving up the glimmer of hope you've nurtured for three seasons for a chance at some immediate glory?