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The Dual Poles of Excitement and Fear

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I have two hands. Each has continually-evolving but genuinely grounded thoughts on the Kings' involvement in the Iverson sweepstakes.

Hand #1 thinks this team needs to be shaken up, and that Bibby should be traded this season if the opportunity presents itself. It's pretty obvious to all but the most hardcore of fans that Sacramento is not currently a title contender, and might not even be a playoff contender. The arena is listless, quiet. The excitement of the Artest era has worn down significantly, and the biggest hope for fans lie in the future production of some key young guys.

Hand #2 looks at Allen Iverson's numbers, Ron Artest's numbers, Kevin Martin's numbers, and want to run in front of a freight train. Martin is one of the best young shooters in the league, and he's 23. He makes $1 million this year, $1.2 million next year, and then he's due for an extension. (He's actually going to get his extension - or an offer, at least - this summer. If not, he's a restricted free agent after 2008.) He's had a rough patch after a blistering start, but he's learning. He's growing as a player.

Hand #2 doesn't see Iverson helping Martin, or Francisco Garcia (a realistic chance to be guard version of Tayshaun Prince) or Quincy Douby (who we haven't seen a bit) or RONNIE PRICE! (who is kind-of a shy, less prolific young Iverson, right?). Hand #2 doesn't see Iverson + Artest taking over the world, bringing the fun back to ARCO. Hand #2 sees some decent offense, some decent defense, some DNPs, and little more.

So which do you want more: to get something for Bibby, or keep another ballhog away from the young crew of guards? I think I want the latter more.

Why? Because I believe in Geoff Petrie. I think he can swing something for Bibby in the next two months. I think he can find a better fit out there - who that is, I have no idea. I think a backseat guard like Andre Miller (free agent this offseason) could mesh well with Martin and crew. I think the team desparately needs a shotblocker - no defense can survive without the threat of rejection around the rim. I think the team needs a couple of things, and Allen Iverson really ain't it. I think Geoff Petrie knows that, knows what the team will need going forward, and can get it.

I hope something happens this week. But I hope that something isn't The Answer in Sacramento.