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The Kings are teh suck.

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The next time I have a feeling about a game, someone tell me to shut up.

There were two distinctive runs that sealed this game - the 11-0 run in the first, and the quick run at the end of third that got the game back to a 12-point Warrior lead. What caused those runs? Horrible offense, horrible defense, indifference from the coach.

I really need someone to tell me why a guy shooting in 27% from deep takes 12 of his 14 shot attempts from behind the arc. I seriously need that explained in manageable words. Anyone?

I need someone to explain to me how you can continue to start a power forward that on numerous nights offers you absolutely nothing on either end. It's not like Musselman doesn't realize this - Kenny Thomas only played 15 minutes. Fifteen completely wasted minutes.

I need someone to explain to me how a team scraping the bottom of the league rankings in three-point percentage can take 32 of their 82 shots from long-range.

I need someone to explain to me how a team whose defensive weakness is interior can allow an opponent to make 15 of 27 three-pointers.

I need someone to explain to me how a league hanger-on can go for 32 and 11, how the softest player in the league can put 20, 6, and 7, and how a player who absolutely murdered you in the last matchup can be allowed to freelance for 14 and 13 assists. How does that happen?

Matt Barnes has never played so well, and I honestly doubt he'll ever top those career highs. But that's no excuse. The Kings got smacked in every single facet of the game. There is no light here, despite the nice games from Kevin Martin and John Salmons, the tough play of Shareef, and the tenacity of Jason Hart (!). There's just no light.

This game was good for one thing, actually: The comment of the year, from chupacabra:

I think if Kenny Thomas were in an empty gym by himself with the ball superglued to his hands he could still find a way to turn it over.

Truer words were never before spoken.

Don't worry though guys: Utah, Phoenix, and Dallas are up next! Woohoo!