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Yay, another brawl happened. Instead of paying attention to the game on the court for the next week, we'll all be talking about this. Hurray.

My thoughts:

  • This hurts the Nuggets infintely more than it hurts the Knicks. Which sucks, because I can find three Knicks at most fault: Mardy Collins (suck it up, punk), Nate Robinson (more on him below), and Isiah Thomas, who obviously has not gotten his players to accept any sort of accountability in any way.
  • I was going to say that you can't really blame Carmelo Anthony, but I watched his punch enough times now to put a heap of guilt on him. Things were calming down, and the shot was kind of a sucker punch. It was retribution, poorly timed. He's going to get the biggest penalty out of the bunch, I assume. Why do I feel some sympathy towards him? Well, J.R. Smith is a good friend of his, and Collins could've ended Smith's season on that stupid foul. Also, Melo is from Baltimore. Therefore, he's a good man. (I kid; give him 10-15 games.)
  • Andre Miller is also going to get penalized significantly. I applaud him, though, for doing what I think most guys can appreciate... spearing Nate Robinson.
  • Nate Robinson is a punk. Yeah, OK, you're short, you're a tough guy, whatever. But punching your teammates in practice (twice), being a loudmouth ballhog, getting in J.R. Smith's face after J.R. Smith got fouled really f*cking hard on a breakaway in a blowout - none of that is remotely awesome. Earl Boykins is a sympathetic figure because of his size and demeanor. Spud Webb was a sympathetic figure. Muggsy Bogues was a sympathetic figure. Nate Robinson? He's just pathetic.
  • Isiah Thomas is bad at his job, we all know this. But to watch that display of zero pride and unsportsmanslike conduct, and defend his players because George Karl left his starters in the game? Way to push your young players into further punkitude! You're setting a terrific example, Chief... can't wait until NateRob pulls a knife on someone for ripping a rebound away from Channing Frye...
This isn't as bad as The Brawl, because no fan got socked in the mouth. But it's a disaster for the Nuggets, who could be without their MVP for a month, their point guard for a few weeks (maybe more), and possibly out of the running for Iverson, if Philly can't wait.