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Cheers & Jeers

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  • CHEERS for John Salmons, who defended Steve Nash better than any other King has in the last six or seven years. Nash exploded in the third when Salmons got a Charlie Elephant and was limping a bit, but was held in check most of the rest of the game. Great coaching move.
  • JEERS to Mike Bibby. Score the GD ball! It's your only job, really.
  • CHEERS to Kevin Martin, who was in line for a 30-point game and a possibly key role in the comeback when Boris Diaw's smelly foot got in the wat.
  • JEERS to Boris Diaw's smelly foot. Jackass.
It was a nice first half for the Kings, but you just can't win shooting so poorly overall. They had a real chance at end if Bibby could've hit a patented big shot, but he's struggling so bad you knew it was going back iron. Francisco Garcia - who I think has a real future in the league - is a giant dropoff from Martin on offense, and other than Salmons and the occasional Artest, there was no Kings offense to be found down the stretch.

Here's a speedy recovery for Speedracer. We're dead in the water without him.