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Expected Disaster

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I warned you, right? Sacramento really doesn't have any chance to defeat Dallas at this juncture. Phoenix, maybe; San Antonio, yes; Utah, yes. Dallas? No. The matchups are just too tough...

  • It's impossible to "stop" Dirk. So when our stopper is on him, it's pretty much a waste.
  • We have three really good defenders in the rotation (Artest, Salmons, and Garcia), and all three play the same position. The problem? Dallas has excellent offensive players at every position, save perhaps center, which is by far our worst defensive position.
  • Jason Terry destroys Mike Bibby. It's not even funny.
  • Erick Dampier really destroys the effectiveness of Brad and Shareef. Those guys are quite important to the success of the time.
  • Avery Johnson is a hell of a good coach, something Eric Musselman isn't appearing to be right now.
I don't think I'm as down-and-out as everyone else after this loss. I really expected it. I had no false optimism yesterday. And since no Kings got ejected or suspended, I'm happy. Honestly.