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My Sacramento Kings Holiday Wishlist

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

They say that the NBA season truly doesn't kick off in earnest until Christmas, and given an 82-game schedule, plus month after month of TV-extended playoffs, who can question it? But, here, where we bleed purple and black, we just don't see the wisdom in holding a last-place berth, a full seven games behind the Pacific Division-leading Phoenix Suns, by the time Christmas rolls around. It's one thing to say we're just getting started, and quite another to be that far behind already.

With such Grinch-like cheer to go around, I present my Sacramento Kings Holiday Wishlist - a small smattering of items I'd like to see this holiday season. Please do add your own, for our team could use your charity.

  • The latest edition of "NBA Defense for Dummies" - enough copies for each player on the roster, except Ron Artest, and teachers' editions for the coaching staff. For as much as we knock the Kings' shooting choices, the purple on our jerseys is not intended to be the flapping of a matador's cape as we let scorers streak by.
  • A promise by Kenny Thomas to be our very own Dennis Rodman - a rebounding machine who should not be targeting the basket unless the ball is leaving its general vicinity.
  • A healthy ankle for Kevin Martin. 'Nuff said.
  • A healthy back for Brad Miller.
  • A healthy Mike Bibby - or at least, a realistic Mike Bibby who lets us know when he's actually hurt, or if he opts not to tell us he's hurt, knows enough to give up the ball instead of shooting it, so badly and so frequently.
  • A maturation by Eric Musselman, one that shows the ability to change the starting five on a game by game basis to both play the hot hand, and allow for players like Jason Hart and Ronnie Price to get some serious playing time.
  • A dream that the next time the Kings and "Douby" are in the same sentence, we're not thinking of Maurice Taylor.
  • That anybody shooting under 30% from behind the 3-point line (this means you, Bibby, Artest and Shareef!) just give it up already and leave that to Martin and Salmons.
  • That we all recognize Salmons should be starting.
  • That David Stern is more like Santa than the Grinch.
  • That Sactown Royalty can thrive, with or without the Kings dominating the win column, including new diaries and insightful discussion daily!
While some are already talking about Friday's game against Denver, in Denver, potentially including some dude known as Allen Iverson, let's not overlook Thursday's contest against the Bullets Wizards. Gilbert Arenas (yes, him) just dropped sixty on Kobe and Lakers the other night. Against the Kings, how many will he score? Check in tomorrow... but for now, let us know your Kings-related wishes for the holidays.