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In Defense of Kings Fans

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All we heard last night was "This arena doesn't have the energy it used to" and "It's just not the same at ARCO" and "This team used to feed so much off the crowd, but now it's quiet."

Yeah, ARCO is quieter than the past. Yeah, the home court advantage isn't what it used to be. Yeah, those sellouts are becoming more farcical by the day. Yeah, a bunch of fans leave early these days, especially when the team goes down by 17 in the fourth quarter.

You watched the game last night, and the two previous TNT Thursday games the Kings have played this year (blown out at Golden State and ugly loss vs Miami). You've seen this team's lack of coherent offense, lack of consistent defense, lack of enthusiasm and chemistry. Do you blame us for being discouraged?

Part and parcel of being passionate fans is feeling every loss as hard as every win. And guess what? The losses are coming in faster than the wins. What, you expect us to be happy about that? You expect to scream at the top of our lungs for a team that refuses to play a full 48 minutes of basketball, that refuses to give us the show we paid to see?

Kings fans are not becoming apathetic - we're sick of watching a pathetic team. Our passion was a positive when teams were getting run out of the gym by the Glory Kings. Now, because teams are running over our spiritless squad, our passion is a bad thing? We should sit on our damn hands and enjoy the crap delivered to our laps? That's bullsh*t.

All we want is entertainment. Even in 1999 and 2000, Sacramento wasn't the best team in the league. But we were happy. ARCO rocked every night. You know why? Because the product was exhilirating. Because the players gave it their everything for 48 minutes. Because there was a clear and common goal: To win. I can't say the Kings aren't trying to win right now. But when you look at some of the stretches this Kings team goes through (such as the third quarter last night), and it can appear that way.

Don't blame us for the Kings' inability to dominate in ARCO. Blame the Kings.