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Allen Who?

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I just want to step in and trumpet the true basketball beauty that is John Salmons getting his first career triple-double in his first game opposite Allen Iverson. That gift tells you John-John has been a good boy this year.

(Note: This post could've also been titled "Ron Who?")

Salmons was called the 5th worst free agent signing of the summer as recently as a couple weeks ago. Really? Here's a guy performing well in the startig lineup and off the bench, breaking his ass to put up 20 pts, or 15 pts and 10 assists, or whatever the team needs. He's been the consumnate team player - coming in in three positions when needed. And he's making less than the mid-level. Must have been an incredible free agency offseason.

Salmons still needs to improve his long-range shooting. But his playmaking is sorely needed, as is his midrange game and his defense. I think Salmons is a great signing, and I think that will continue to bear out over the next few years.