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Ronronmania II: The Bad Side

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Lots of chatter about Ron Artest's status, Corey Maggette's situation, and the possible solutions therein.

  • Kelly Dwyer of advocates seriously for Artest-for-Maggette. Specifically, Dwyer suggests Artest and Jason Hart for Maggs and Yaroslav Korolev, a Russian lottery pick from the 2005 draft who hasn't done anything in limited NBA action.
  • Cornrows, an excellent Pacers blog, has less than fond memories of the last time Ron-Ron went boom. "Even though he's not the Pacers' problem any more, it still bums me out seeing Artest begin to waste another season," he writes.
  • ESPN's Marc Stein kicked off his Tuesday chat with a question about Ron-for-Maggs:
    Darren Gregory (Sactown): Hey Marc, any truth to Corey Maggette for Ron Artest? If this is true, what happened to the Maloof brothers being so high on Ron-Ron?

    Marc Stein: Yes. There's definitely something to it. I wouldn't say that the Maloofs love Ron any less they did from the start, but the behind-the-scenes tension in Sac can't be denied. Geoff Petrie knows the deal. If things get REALLY ugly, Sac will be stuck. They won't be able to get anything decent for Artest. Trading him sooner rather than later, if they can find a legit deal, makes a lot of sense.

    That said . . . I'm not exactly convinced that Artest solves all the Clips' issues. He theoretically addresses L.A.'s defensive struggles in a big way -- it's like they've forgotten how to play D since last season -- but I wonder how happy he'd be as a second or third fiddle there.

  • Steve at brother blog ClipsNation presented some damning evidence that Mags has been misused by Mike Dunleavy last week. Despite being the team's best per-minute scorer and almost the most efficient Clipper, he's been used like a 7th or 8th man in a shallow rotation.
  • And though I linked it in this morning's post, be sure to check out Sam Amick's Sacramento Bee story on the swirling rumors.
  • And as for that Saturday morning bullsh*tfest puff piece by Marty McNeal on how Ron-Ron is just fine with his team and everything is love and the knee's just a little sore and he doesn't want to be traded and he has no problem with Mike Bibby? If our collective bullsh*t detectors aren't properly equipped to be alarmed by it, a very trusted source who would know says it is, in fact, 100% bullsh*t. Why is Marty Mac consistently the go-to guy for Kings who want to "set the record straight" by glossing over pretty obvious smoke? (See: Marty Mac's yankpiece on Team Dime's issues last winter.) Since McNeal has moved away from beat reporter to columnist mode, he's made a living doing the bidding of multimillionaire twentysomethings. I guess everyone is entitled to their own lifestyle choices.