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GAME 26 - vs Philadelphia

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Since this Maggette thing could blow any minute, let's just get right to it...


PG - Does anyone else think Mike Bibby is praying for Ron-Ron to go bye-bye? If Ron leaves and Mike starts shooting 50%, I might scream.
SG - When Kevin Martin wakes up in the morning, he pisses excellence.
SF - John Salmons: Future starting point guard for your Sacramento Kings? Chew on it.
PF - Kenny Thomas would like to take Dorothy Musselman out to a nice seafood dinner.
C  - Brad Miller is putting together a string of nice games, unbeknownst to most.

PG - I'm telling you: Andre Miller + Kevin Martin + Corey Maggette = many alley-oops. Many, many alley-oops.
SG - Who would've thunk Kevin Martin would end up more valuable than Andre Iguodala by the end of 2006? Anyone?
SF - Kyle Korver is what a million 12-year-old midwestern kids with a jumpshot aim to be.
PF - Chris Webber wants you to order a basket of fried chicken at Center Court with CWebb.
C  - Samuel Dalembert is making $10 million this year.

The Kings are 7-point favorites. The Sixers are not so good. Take the Kings.

Just as a reminder, the wild Peja trade stuff happened the day of a Kings-Sixers game last night. Something about Billy King in the air must make Geoff Petrie want to deal.

Nice to see you, Chris.
You'll see only Mike is left.
Even Rick got canned.

Enjoy the match, folks. Dare we prepare for a two-game winning streak?! Oh joy.