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Artest Notes: Trade Rumors, Day Five

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The Artest for Maggette rumors are still out there, despite Artest's solid play in yesterday's game against the 76ers, which saw the Kings draw to within two games of the .500 mark, and open two games in the loss column ahead of the last-place Clippers.

The LA Times reports the Clippers haven't received a trade proposal from the Kings, but that they would be interested if they got one.

The Kings contacted the Clippers last Friday to gauge the Clippers' interest in acquiring Artest, but as of Wednesday night had not made a formal trade proposal, Clippers sources said.

So the Clippers continued to consider potential deals with other teams involving Maggette, who is expected to be traded somewhere soon because of his poor relationship with Coach Mike Dunleavy.

The piece goes on to say that Maggette had been dangled in front of Philadelphia as part of a proposed offer to obtain Allen Iverson. The Clippers are apparently even more through with Maggette than the Kings are of Artest.

Meanwhile, it appears that we can cross the Orlando Magic off the list of teams where Artest could land (if they were ever on the list). The Orlando Sentinel says that the Magic have made a pact not to obtain players with "suspect characters". This means we can't expect to see the return of Hedo Turkoglu in a trade for Ron-Ron.

Smith was not interested in Allen Iverson, and he said the Sacramento Kings -- who are apparently looking to trade controversial F Ron Artest -- did not contact the Magic.

Smith said he would not have had any interest in dealing F Hedo Turkoglu for Artest. Their salaries come close to matching. Turkoglu played his first three NBA seasons with Kings.

Interestingly enough, in a Q&A with Sam Amick of the Bee, Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof says he's unfamiliar with any trade request made by Artest. In fact, he refuses to even mention if trade talks are ongoing. He does say that he expects the team can turn the season around, and that it's not yet time to blow the team up.

Q: How tough is it to retool a roster while continuing to stay competitive? And where are you at in terms of thinking maybe you need to make major moves, some would say blow this thing up and start building from the bottom?

A: I don't think we're at the point where we have to blow it up. I don't think we're at that point yet. Maybe later. Who knows? Who knows what the future brings?

Maloof is very high on Kevin Martin, and sees a bright future for Garcia and Douby. Much more in the above link.