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Game 27 - at LA Clippers

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Well, I had written a fairly substantial game thread. Then, the interwebs happened. That post is, sadly, no longer with us. Pour some gin for that post. RIP, post.

With the quickness, then:

  • John Salmons will probably start since Ron Artest got Charlie-Elephant'd by a Sixer the other night.
  • Kevin Martin and Shareef Abdur-Rahim are mostly recovered from the flu and should play.
  • Mike Bibby is not yet back. I think everyone - Grant Napear, Mike Bibby, and me - should refrain from exclaiming that "Mike Bibby is back!" until his season FG% gets over, say, 38%. Fair?
  • 15 straight vs. the Clippers. Hmm.
  • A halftime trade, followed by a Corey Maggette game-winner for the Kings and a threatening look over to Mike Dunleavy is not only unlikely, it's impossible. So don't go expecting it.
Let's go Kings!