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Game 28 - vs Golden State

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For the first time this year, the Warriors visit Sacramento. And for the first time this year, the Kings are going to try to take a win from GSW Hoops. (Not to imply they haven't tried to win the last two matches...oh, who am I kidding?)


PG - Shaun Livingston 1, Mike Bibby 0. (Actually, it's probably like Mike Bibby 15, Shaun Livingston 1, but I live in the moment.)
SG - That's two below-average games against the Clippers this season. Which is strange, because at LAC was his 20-point breakout game last season.
SF - Ron Artest belongs in a Clippers uniform, I'm telling you. Damn you Geoff Petrie.
PF - Kenny Thomas actually had a decent game. But Shareef Abdur-Rahim still had a superior outing.
C  - Brad Miller is playing well... on offense.

PG - Baron Davis has been excellent this year. And the Warriors are .500. Keep dreamin', though, Oakland.
SG - Jason Richardson doesn't seem to be the best fit in Nellie's offense. That's a bit unexpected.
SF - Matt Barnes is a starting forward in the NBA. Discuss.
PF - Mickael Pietrus had 26 pts, 7 rebs, and 4 stls last night against Boston. Gulp.
C  - Andris Biedrins > Darko Milicic. I'll keep saying it until someone agrees.

It's even. I think the Kings can pull this one out, just because we all think they can't. When in doubt... pick the opposite of what you think you should.

The Clippers leave for a road trip on Monday. They'd like to not have Corey Maggette at that point, as it is a fairly important trip. Think they might concede a concession Geoff Petrie wants this weekend? Hmm?

Golden State? Oh god.
They'll just run us off the court.
Hope is for naives.

(Yay, I finally resorted to inventing a word!)

Enjoy the game, please.