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Artest for Maggette Trade is Dead and Done

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It looks like our hopes to bring Corey Maggette over to Sactown to add another offensive cog to our team are extinguished.

After multiple hems and haws and evasive non-denials from Geoff Petrie and Gavin Maloof last week, LA Clippers GM Elgin Baylor says the team is done talking with Sacramento, and unlike our side, is pretty clear about it.

(Source: LA Times)

"As far as anything goes with Ron Artest, that's a dead issue," Baylor said. "We're no longer talking to Sacramento about Artest ... that's not going to happen."

A dead issue? Is that a flexible term?

As noted last week, the Clippers said they were waiting for a trade proposal from Sacramento, and, according to Baylor, they never got one.

After initiating the Artest discussions, the Kings did not follow up with a formal trade proposal as expected.

Don't you hate it when a friend calls you to try and set something up, but when you ask them for details, they don't call back? Isn't that annoying? Apparently the Clippers think that sucks too.

The end result? The Kings still have Artest, and there aren't any known trade talks in the works with any other teams. The Clippers are out. The Magic previously said they won't offer up Hedo Turkoglu in any prospective trade either. We're fresh out of rumors, for now.