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NBA Blog Previews - The Update

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Remember in October, when a few dozen blogs previewed the entire NBA over 30 days? (Similarly, remember my monstrosity?)

Well, band leader Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog got everyone back together for a reunion tour. One month in, see what these bloggers think of their teams.

As for me?

The Kings are sitting just above .500. Where did I go wrong? I forgot this is "The Sacra-f'n-mento Kings," the team that has multiple major injuries every damn season. I can count Brad Miller's starts on one hand, and Mike Bibby played through an injury he probably shouldn't have, negating his offseason work. I was also a bit wrong about Kevin Martin. Actually, I wasn't right enough. I said he'd break through and score around 17 points on efficient shooting. He's scoring 25 on "what-the-frick?!?!" shooting. So yeah, demereit for me. There's still time for the Kings to take it to the next level, though, with the bulk of the East left to visit ARCO.