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Dear Eric Musselman...

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Dear Coach,

Hi. How's it going? Yeah, so I have a question. It's about the starting lineup. No, it's not about Ron Artest - I don't really care where he is until the Miami game. There's really no one for him to guard on Phoenix anyways. And I do think John Salmons is the smart choice in Ron-Ron's stead, though I wish I could look at the boxscore after the game and see that Francisco Garcia played more than five minutes when you're down a swingman. Anyways, this is about the center position.

Why isn't Brad Miller starting? He says he feels fine. He played 31 minutes last night, and 27 on Saturday and 19 on Friday. I assume he's at close to full health. He's the best center on the roster. Starting a player doesn't mean you have to play him 40 minutes. Well, unless his name in Ron Artest. He likes to call his own minutes. But Brad isn't like that. He's pretty easy-going.

I know you weren't around the last three years. We were. We've seen Mike Bibby play with Brad Miller, and without him. Mike is much better when Brad is out there. It's no knock on Shareef, who is a terrific player. But Shareef just isn't a center. By any stretch of the imagination. Not even on Bizzaro Earth would Shareef be a serviceable starting center. He's barely big and strong enough to play power forward - so much so that on his last team, Portland, they gave him some run at small forward. He's really not meant to be battling 7-footers for rebounds on every possession.

So you'll understand our frustration that instead of putting your seemingly healthy 7-foot center back in the starting lineup, you're starting two undersized power forwards on the frontline. It's been painful to watch. I don't think I'd care who started between Shareef and Kenny - I can make a case for either. But I would appreciate it if you could get Brad back into the A Unit. We might then win a game.